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Not as good as we remember

First time we had delivery, it was very nice, however, bombay potatoes were bland and watery, chicken tikka pieces over done, quite average over all.
placed by Alexander Norcliffe on the 29th October 2018

Just one thing...

Everything about the food from the Curry Queen is amazing, but I have a problem with the number of plastic trays involved. Plastic use is such a problem now that actually I've looked elsewhere for my Indian takeaways, but no one is as good as Curry Queen! So I wonder if it might be possible to switch to maybe cardboard trays and metal lids for some of the dishes, ie rice. It would make me feel a lot happier about ordering from Curry Queen if less plastic was involved! Otherwise - thank you!
placed by Mike Scialom on the 13th October 2018


Delivery came earlier as I expected
placed by Laszlo Gocza on the 24th September 2018

Delicious meal

Both main dishes were hot and spicy, The rice was fluffy, the aubergine melted in the mouth and the spinach had body. Two free papadoms were included. The paratha was large with stuffing oozing out. Only small complaint was that it arrived half an hour early so had to be kept warm. However, with no delivery charge this is a very good deal.
placed by Alison Wilson on the 19th September 2018

Very tasty curry

The order came ahead of specified time, the meals were very tasty, hot and satisfying portion-wise. Excellent service; will order again
placed by Jan Rutar on the 2nd July 2018

Nice Curry

Quicker delivery than I expected and good food.
placed by Anthony Hall on the 19th June 2018


On the spur drop in for meal this evening with hubby and our 2 best friends. Omg the best Indian we have ever eaten. Such delicious flavours and backed up by excellent staff. An amazing, delicious, fun experience. Thank you x
placed by Linda Jones on the 27th April 2018

Another excellent meal

The usual high standard from the Curry Queen. Delicious spicy sauces, aubergines that melt in the mouth, a really large stuffed paratha and perfectly cooked white and brown rice. The only complaint was that it arrived half an hour early!
placed by Alison Wilson on the 16th April 2018

Excellent meal

Everything we ordered was delicious. The lamb Madras was tender and spicy and the brinjal and bindi bhajis particularly well cooked and presented. Quantities were generous and free papadoms included. The home delivery arrived exactly within the time slot. All very satisfactory.
placed by Alison Wilson on the 19th March 2018

A nice meal

Kept a room of 11 happy.
placed by Simon Oram on the 15th March 2018

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